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How do sissies and trans woman change their voice to sound more convincing? Is hormones replacement therapy going to change my voice? In this guide I am going to tell you everything there is to know about – How to train your voice to sound more femine.

As a sissy or transgender girl one of the hardest things you face in life is the sound of your voice. You can look the part but with a manly voice others will still notice you are (or were) a boy ones. And for transgirls and sissies that is the last thing you want. So I’m going to give you several tips in how to sound more like an actual girl. And how to sound convincing.

Will hormones help changing my voice?
So to start us off. NO, hormones replacement therapy is not going to change your voice at all. Some transgirls will say their voice changed ones they got hormones but this has nothing to do with the actual therapy.
The only way to truthly change your voice to sound more like a girl is by practising. There are multiple ways to do this and multiple factors to keep in mind.

Voice training is a difficult thing to grasp and to practise. It is hard to stay consistant with your voice, and without noticing you will start talking in a deeper voice again. To have a consistant female voice is one of the most difficult aspects of what we’re trying to achive. Because some days you might have a fantastic voice and think you can do it all. And on other days you might feel like “Why can’t I get there”?

Higher pitch

What many trans woman and sissies endeavour to do with voice training is to train their voice into a naturally softer tone and higher pitch. Everybody has a different goal with voice training but that generally across the board, is usually what it’s about.

Another big misconception about voice training is that it is only the pitch that needs to be trained. But in reality the pitch of your voice is the least important aspect of vocal feminization.

Tone and speach patterns

The most important thing in vocal feminization is the tone and the speech patterns. Before you even start training your voice, listen to people who have voices that you like. Listen to them speak, sing, whatever. Try to notice aspects about their voice that you admire. This is very important.

Think of somebody like that, keep them in mind – we’re going to call them your vocal goals. It can be something unattainable. It doesn’t have to be something that is considered achieveable.

Pitch, tone and flow

Pitch, tone and flow are the three things that you need to train while you speak in order to move forward with your vocal training. I’m going to go over what I do for each of these things in order. Changes will happen slowly so do not feel bad if you can’t stretch or manipulate your voice on the first day. In fact training your voice will take at least over a year of intensive practise. Eventually, these techniques will be so natural to you that it will be effortless to train.

Pitch – So the pitch is tricky because it is the easiest one to make sound strange. If you focus only on pitch and not on tone and flow, it might sound out of place.

Regardless, it is still important to know how to manipulate the pitch of your voice, so the easiest way for extending your range of pitch, and eventually permanently lifting it higher, is to move where your voice resonates from. When you start out your voice probably resonates from your chest area. You can check this by holding your hand on your chest and start making an mmmmmm sound. If your chest vibrates, that means your voice resonates from that spot.

Now what you want to do is visualize your voice as spot in your body. Now your voice resonates from your chest but we want to get this all the way up into your mouth. Female girl get their higher pitch mainly because their voice resonates from the mouth and not the chest, like it is with boys.

Tone and flow – The next two vocal aspects actually go together pretty well, so those are tone and flow. Tone is the softness or hardness that your voice has. You can have a very harsh or hard tone, or a very soft and delicate tone.

Flow is the way the words flow out of your chords, or the way you form and join words and sentences together. You can also refer to these as speech patterns if you want.

These are much easier to manipulate and train than pitch, and also more important, so if you were trying to raise into your head voice and were worried because it sounds strange. It is because you miss the tone and flow in your voice.

Like said in the beggining of this guide, when I asked you to find a few voices you really like and what you want to achieve. Don’t focus on the pitch of the girls you try to replicate, but more the way they talk. The biggest difference between a guy or a girl talking, is how words go up and down when a girl talks. But a guy always talks very monotone.


Now it’s time for you to start practising. Let me know in the comments what you think about this guide and if you do anything different which works for you.

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