The Sissy Games

So I was browsing the internet the other day. You know, watch some porn and do some other stuf. For some reason my biggest obsession is dressing myself as a girl and I watch sissy related porn all the time. Ones I was on the weird side of the internet again I stumbled upon The Sissy Games. Now I do know what sissies are and I know what games are but I never heared of The Sissy Games before.

Me being all curious, adventures and horny I was confronted with an Onlyfans page where I would be charged $39 to see what’s inside. There was no discription no nothing, but because it was so empty I wondered what was there to see for me.

Without thinking to much about it. I wanted to know what The Sissy Games was so I paid the $39 and started my journey. But ones inside I got nothing more then an empty page with no posts and no stories. Me knowing I was baited again turned of my computer and didn’t think about it anymore.

But the next day I received a message on my onlyfans account. The Sissy Games has sent me a message. So I opened it and was asked to give some small details about myself which of course I did. I know it’s not smart to do but not knowing who I was talking to kind of turned me on.

Another few days past and I couldn’t stop wondering who I was talking to and what these games were suppost to be. I kept asking “it” but I never got any replies. Then when I was just doing some chores around the house the doorbel rang. I got a small package from the mailman. This was really strange since I live on my own and I couldn’t remember ordering something online.

So I took the package inside to my kitchen table and opened it carefully. Inside the box was a letter and a device. Seing the device I instantly knew what it was. It was a chastity device made of stainless steel. But who in the world would send me a chastity cage just like that? So as any person would do I opened the letter to see who it’s from.

Wait a minute… game? This must be The Sissy Games I started following a few days ago. So I went online and asked who V was and if I was speaking to V? But yet again I didn’t get any reaction. So I did what was needed in my eyes and locked myself in the chastity cage.

Ones it was on I started typing again: Hello V are you there? I just put on the chastity device and found out there are no keys in the package, so what do I do now?

And to my surprise V actually replied:

For your clit to ever see the day of light,

you must do as I say every day and night -V

I didn’t exactly know what V ment with this, but what I did know, was that I got turned on so fast just by reading those few lines. So me knowing I didn’t have a choice anymore at this point. I did what V asked me to do and served here for a very long time.

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  1. Linda

    Sounds interesting

  2. Alicia

    I just need to be sure this is not a scam… But sounds wonderfull

    1. Sharon_chelsea

      Have seen any thing on Google Search about this?

  3. Jessica

    I like the story. Very hot i don’t normally get hard but I did.

  4. TerryCrimb

    Very interesting to read you
    Good luck to you

  5. Whoredella

    With all those rings around your cock, it would be horrible to get a itch, but before you stand a chance to get it off, yule need to be somebody’s bitch!!!

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The sissy games