Tease and denial

Lets play a fun game shall we. What you are going to do is watch this whole video of this beautiful girl every single day. But while you watch you are not allowed to touch yourself. Oh ooh. Lets play some tease and denial.

That’s right you are going to watch this video for 100 days in a row. And during this time you are not going to touch yourself at all! Lets find out how long you can last before you break.


Of course there are a few rules aswell.
  • Watch the whole video at least ones a day (more is allowed of course).
  • You are not allowed to touch yourself at all while watching.
  • You have to be honnest and tell everyone for how many days you lasted.

Meet Venessa

Hi there! I am Venessa and I am going to make sure you are not going to cheat during this challenge. You will enjoy tease and denial every day for the next 100 days. And I am going to watch you suffer.

Every single day you are going back to sissy sorority. Give a kiss to your chastity cage that’s locking you clitty. And you are going to watch the whole video. Again and again and again.

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  1. SissyJane

    So I did this for the last 2 weeks but broke today sadly. So it’s 14 days for me.

    1. Lyter

      That is a great start, I’m sure you will do better with some inspiration

      1. Ana

        help me !! I did not manage to be excited by the video. I think my problem stems from the fact that she has no cock. I’m more excited by a sissy than a woman. can you help me?

  2. Lyter

    Where is the video.

  3. cherry michelle

    day 1. first attempt.
    uuumm. well, i made it through… almost.

  4. Victoria

    Does anal count

  5. George

    I did it for 100 days

  6. Dexi

    I did for 100 days with no chastity on

  7. Josh Burnett
    Josh Burnett

    I cannot seem to get the video to even show up on the page. Any reason why?

  8. Akhil Raut
    Akhil Raut

    Not able to watch video. Kindly let us know where to watch the same.

  9. Lucy Schwartz

    Hi Gurls, I couldn’t see a video while on a mobile device but it worked on a laptop. Good luck x

  10. Yvone Secret
    Yvone Secret

    Okay this is day one! I will post a reply to my comment everyday as proof and if I dont comment I should probably get some sort of punishment lol

    1. Tessy Brandon
      Tessy Brandon

      Learn more from the ebony goddess Tessy
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  11. Karan Somani
    Karan Somani

    Day 1 done.. it was hard to control self from touching but did it

  12. IWTBAW

    To easy. That video, and two auto plays after, not even a twitch. I want to be like them.

  13. Alex Dow
    Alex Dow

    Day 1 I’m 3 weeks in to chastity already let’s see how far I can go and break myself

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