Listen and obey

Forced sissy training

I’m gonna make you pretty, I’m gonna make you do all the work and you will listen, obey and do as I say. Forced sissy training is not a joke. I only want sissy gurls who want to go that extra step in finding a cuter and sluttier part within themselves.

But how does the forced sissy training work?

Well the forced sissy training is an exclusive online training program. Where I will train only a few selected sissies who are looking for a better life as the person the have always wanted to be. 

What to expect

Way more

These are just a few examples of everything that would be possible. If you want to be a better cock sucker, or want to be able to cum from fucking your own ass. It is all possible. Just ask and I will force you until we reach the goal.

There is only a limited amount of sissies allowed for the best guidance so don’t miss out!

Who am I?

Of course you want to know who the person is on the other side of the screen. Which is understandable. So here are a few things about me:

– I am a transgender girl myself and build up sissy sorotity by myself

– I have a good side who wants to help others but also a kinky and dominant side

– All pictures on sissy sorority are not me, just stock photos

– To protect myself from strangers there are photos of me on my patreon

– Very very experienced, everthing I will make you do I have done and so much more!

Only accept if you are very interested and in need training. I don’t need slackers on the first day. By agreeing you will have to put in the work. NO EXCEPTIONS!