sissy rules

Sissy rules

Rule 1: As a sissy I will never break or disobey any of the 12 sissy rules provided for me by sissy sorority.

Rule 2: As a sissy I should always listen to my master/mistress. And never question her knowledge.

Rule 3: I should be locked in chastity 24/7, and I am not allowed to get out of chastity without permission.

Rule 4: As a sissy I will always wear panties underneath my clothes as a reminder of who I really am.

Rule 5: I will walk around the house in high heels at least 30 minutes every day. Practise makes perfect.

Rule 6: To be a good girl I will practise my makeup at least ones every day. The better I get, the better I will look.

Rule 7: As a sissy I should only use the toilet sitting down. Because peeing standing up is 100% forbidden for a sissy like me.

Rule 8: I should always take good care of my beautiful nails. Get a manicure, polish my nails and let them grow to an acceptable length.

Rule 9: I should let my hair grow, this process will take years to complete. So I have to start today for a better future as a lovely girl.

Rule 10: As a sissy it is my duty to please as many men as I possibly can. Every time I get the chance to suck a cock I will never say no.

Rule 11: I realise that as a sissy my needs always comes last. Master/mistress always go first, then all men I adore and at last there is me at the end of the chain.

Rule 12: Me as a sissy will make it my life goal to be as useful as I possibly can. I will follow training on Sissy Sorority and use everything I learn to please others.