Sissy needs

Sissy must haves

There are a few items EVERY sissy needs to own at least ones in her life. Of course there is a lot of toys and clothes but we made a simple selection of the most important ones. We even ordered them step by step for you.

step 1

In order for you to look and feel femine you need to cover some parts of your body covered. But we can do this very easely with a cute dress you can wear. This makes you look so much better.

step 2

Next up we need to get you a beautiful pink wig. You will instantly look way beter and even more pretty then you already did. 

step 3

Now there are millions of products when it comes to make-up, so I will only promote the ones I actually use in my life so you don’t have to waste on possible bad products. Of course every skin is different so there is no 100% guaranty it works for you.