is priceless

Mistress Victoria

Make yourself useful sissy and serve Mistress Victoria! Transgender Mistress and owner of sissy sorority.

Who I look for

I will only invest my precious time in sissy girls who want to progress. Saying no to every task I give you is the last thing I want. You need to do whatever I want. Work for it and I will reward you!

Daly sissy tasks

I am going to give you daily taks and you will complete them and send me proof. All tasks are related to a perfect sissy training. So if you follow me exactly you will look and act more and more like  a real girl. Thats what you want right?

Pictures of me

Do your tasks and obey me the way you should. Let me humiliate you and train you. If you work hard enough I will reward you. I will send you pictures of me and maybe even more if you work really hard for it.


This is not for everyone but if you are into it I will let you lock yourself in chastity and let you send me the keys. I will keep them for as long as I want. If you are ready for release I might send them back. Or not…