How much of a sissy are you?

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How much of a sissy are you?

Want to find out how much of a sissy you actually are? This unique story based test will give you the answer you probably already know.

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Imagine yourself at a sleepover, the plan was for your best friend to have a fun and relaxed time with 2 beautiful girls you know from collage.

But… Unfortunately your friend is not able to make it and you are there… with these 2 girls you barely know…

What would be the first thing that would come to your mind?

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Well it doesn’t really matter what you choose. It seems like the girls are already on to you.

You walk into Sarah’s bedroom while Vanessa softly closses the door behind you. The two roommates look at each other like they have planned out this moment for some time…

If you want to leave whatever is forming here, now is the time. But what would you say?


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But before you are able to speak, Sarah grabs your hair and pulls you back hard. It hurts your neck and you get scared. She gets her face right next to yours and whispers ”We know… We know about your little secret.” You stare back confused of what they mean by that.

Sarah grabs you by your shirt and pulls you onto the bed. Vanessa throws a pair of pink heels and pink panty right next to you and orders you to put them on.

What would you do?

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One of the girls starts pulling down your pants and underwear. But what they see is a tiny thing between your legs who is getting more and more hard. They both stop what they were doing just to giggle.

What now?

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”Look at that little thingy, it’s so cute.” Vanessa says. Meanwhile Sarah walks up to you and orders you to put on the panties to cover up. And after that you can try the heels they bought especially for you, in your size. Isn’t that sweet? So you put on the panties and heels and look at yourself in the mirror.

You can see yourself laying down dressed like a girl. What would go through your head?

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”Hey Sarah, what do you think we should call our new little siss?” Vanessa asks. They both stare at each other and come to a wonderfull solution.

Maybe we should ask her what see wants to be called? But what would you answer…

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”Now that’s out of the way there is just one more little surprise for you this evening. But before we get to that, you need to look even more pretty. We can give you some lipgloss, a bit more blush and do some contouring for basically your whole face.” Sarah says. You listen to her and let them work on your face for more then 20 minutes.

“And done.” They say. You stand up to look at yourself in the mirror. They transformed you so well you can’t even recognize yourself anymore. Your face is covered in makeup, you have a long blond wig on your head and they even gave you a neckless and earings to wear. You look at yourself and think.

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But while they were transforming you there was one thing you could not let go off. What would be the last surprise…

But it wouldn’t take long for you to get your answer. Sarah walks in front of you and orders you to get on your knees. So you do as she says like a good girl and bend down. The door of the room opens and you don’t believe what you see… It’s your best friend walking into the room. You feel so embarresed.

“Now that you look like a girl, its time for you to act like one aswell.” Sarah says. Your best friend pulls down his pants and sits down on the bed with his legs spread out.

Your head is spinning from emotions and all you can hear is the words “Suck it”. And Vanessa her finger pointing to the dick of your best friend. Now what?

Your score is

The average score is 71%


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    1. Chris

      I scored a 87

        1. Jenny

          Mistress thank you

    2. Rob

      I got 75

    3. Royal Page

      I scored an 87. Wow u can’t believe I’m a sissy at heart

    4. SissyClara

      100% yea i am a sissy slut

    5. Missy


      1. Rajiv


    6. Arvid

      Oei, I’m a 100% sissy 😬

    7. sissynikki

      scored 100 % everything i could ask for

    8. Bala

      75 not bad

    9. Sammi


    10. Sissy slut ej

      Scored 100% perfect score

      1. Lily


    11. Amanda

      I’m so pleased…I got 100%

    12. sissyrachel

      oh my, i scored a 100!!

    13. Jasmine

      100% I can proudly call myself a sissy slut now

    14. Brianna


    15. trancista

      I got 100 %

    16. Crissi

      Sissy Crissi, I scored a 100%. I am brand new to sissy sorority.

  1. akash shrivastava


  2. John

    87 %
    I’m a real sissy now.🤤
    Just find a new name now

  3. Racquel

    100% 😍

  4. Jeffrey Johnson

    I ❤️ love to be exposed as a sissy

    1. Jeffrey Johnson

      Thank you for the test, I am so happy to score a 100%. I am truly ❤ a sissy

  5. Alex

    I got a 100

  6. Ashlee Cummings

    I’m a sissy slut!!💜💜 87%!!!

    1. Sissysally

      Me tooo❤️❤️

  7. Alia

    50%!! Not quite a sissy :/

  8. katorio

    I’m a 100% little sissy slut !!

  9. Sage Ballance


  10. Luana Bella

    My Score is 75 (Little Sissy Slut)

  11. chrisie

    100% I’m a good sissy slut

  12. Jay

    I scored 87%. I guess I have got work to do

  13. Gord kolle

    I scored 100…ooooh….mmmm…xxx.

  14. Natasha

    I cannot believe I got 100percent OMFG

  15. Greg

    Wow, I scored a 100%. In a perfect world, I’d share this test result with everyone I know 💕

  16. Sissy Anne marie

    87%^^ I’m really proud to be such a sissy.

  17. Linds

    100% – dress me up and take me home!

  18. Clare

    Dang got a 87%

  19. Clare Seirs
    Clare Seirs

    Wow scored a 100% but I’m the second try lol.

  20. Sissy Miranda

    100%… I’m soooooo excited 💋🌹🥰

  21. Bad Girl Gina

    100% – I’m a sissy slut

  22. Cosma

    Sooo excited I scored %100

  23. Ayushi Sharma
    Ayushi Sharma

    I got 100,😭😭 why i am such a sissy who love femdom

  24. Bella

    I scored 100% and I am a sissy slut

  25. Elina

    100%, how wonderful to get this confirmation

  26. Analie Satrevil
    Analie Satrevil

    100% , donc je suis une petite salope , pas mal pour une débutante

  27. Nikki Berez
    Nikki Berez

    100% sissy girl ^_^
    I almost came while doin this lil test since the whole piece of it is my dream for real. Amazing!

  28. Deepika sharma sissy

    I scored 100%

  29. Leon

    yay 100%

  30. Silvia

    100%… What a sissy slut I am!

  31. sissy sammi

    Yes I am a true sissy

  32. Emily

    I scored 💯 ❣️

  33. Gogo Mendez
    Gogo Mendez

    100%? I’m such a little sissy slut. I would be surprised if it had been less. P.S. written with google translate. sorry.

  34. Britney

    i got 100%

  35. Michell

    My goodness! This rabbit hole has gotten deep!

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