Forced sissy sleepover

This is a story of my first forced Feminization, basically I was a 12 year old boy, I had long black hair, which everyone commented made me look girlish , and to be honest my slender frame and small stature didn’t aid the fact.

It all started when I was invited to a girl named Zoe’s sleepover for her birthday; she was a tall and quite masculine girl with long blonde hair. The only other people attending the sleepover were girls, I was hoping not to go, however my fantastic mother made me go as they invited me.

It was the day of the sleepover , Friday, all day the girls would look over at me and snicker and giggle. After I tried to tell my mother I was ill and couldn’t go buy she smelt bullshit and made me go. I arrived and was ushered up to Zoe’s bedroom by her mother , sat there was three girls , Zoe , Jenna; a short, slender girl with long black hair and generally quite girl. Also there was Anna; a loud tall skinny girl who had a brown pixie cut.

It was pretty chill, as Zoe’s mom spent most of the time caring to Zoe’s 6 month old sister. We watched a movie , which actually wasn’t bad, she ordered pizzas which were heaven , then we watched her open presents , she has a video camera from her parents, clothes and make up and toys form others.

Her parents went to bed and we sat in Zoe’s room and played truth or dare. It was the standard stuff who likes who , that kinda crap , but I was first to choose dare and they dared me to put on one of their moms bras , being young and innocent I did it without thinking , once I had this baby pink bra on with these massive cups , however a fitting band? They grabbed my t shirt and hide it , she told me to put on the matching thong , of course I refused, and she threatened to call her mom so she could see the bra I was wearing , I tried to undo it but failed so did as they said and pulled my trousers down and also my pants the girls laughing as they saw my punny dick and lacking pubes , I slipped the silky baby pink thong up my legs and it dug into my ass crack , they made me do a twirl , while they giggled and laughed. Ok now , your my sissy now they said , I refused and Zoe grabbed her camera off her wardrobe and pointed to the red light for recording. Shit they had been recording this entire thing , now, she started , your mine or this is accidently sent to your family and the whole school.

Now I think we should do some make up . I was forced into a chair and they crowded round and smeared and rubbed and drew the make up all over my face , they had done red lipstick , with heavy blush an a pink eyeshadow. I looked extremely girly. Zoe of course before had set up her camera to record the entire thing , she said their was just one thing missing and ran off, she came back with a long blonde Halloween wig she had worn as Cinderella and positioned it on my head with a little silver tiara in.

I think the sissy needs some more clothes looking at my girls underwear. She made me try on all of her dresses and walk pretending to be a model on a catwalk, while she filmed me. Finally they brought up a banana and made me suck it like it was a dick the red lipstick rubbed off on the banana.

Afterwards they took the dress off and grabbed the back of the thong and gave me an atomic wedgie , which crushed my balls until I finally broke, they pulled out one of Zoe’s sisters nappies and put it on me, it was a pink nappy with a picture of Cinderella on the front. We all went to sleep then . I was woken up by the girls laughing , they had the camera a hand and were filming me as they had put my hand in cold water and I had wet my nappy and the indicator on the front was bright yellow , they allowed me to get changed before me had breakfast which was chocolate chip croissants, my mother then picked me up , and heard from Zoe’s mother I was a delight and can gladly come back next year , please no !

Please comment below what you think , or if you had a similar event , this is my first piece of writing on this website so … Thanks

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  1. sisjen

    This is so much fun to read <3

  2. T. Rivaire

    I had a similar sort of incident when I was about 11 or 12. I had been staying at my grandparents for the weekend and Beverly the girl who lived next door and was about my age had a swim party with some of her girlfreinds and invited me to join in. WellI hadnt any swim trunks so Beverly said she had a bikini bottom I could wear and my grandmother said go ahead and go over to Bevs cause they were going shopping. So I went over and Beverly took me up to her room and found me a nice pink bottom with ruffles on the back and told me to put them on. So i headed for the bathroom but Bwverly stopped me and said to do it there in her room and she wouldnt look. So reluctantly i took off my jeans and boxers and my t shirt and reached for the frilly bikini bottom and stepped into them and had them about halfway up before realizing I had them backwards so slid them back down and turned them around and looking over noticed Beverly peeking at me saying she hadnt seen any boys before except her dad who was a swarthy construction worker and had a lot of hair all over his body. She said my hairless little pee pee looked cute and she thought I looked cute in her bottoms but should put on the top as well. I didnt want to but she insisted. She was much taller than me and intimidated me into doing as she said. I was feeling pretty vulnerable and stood thete as she put the top on and pulled the bottoms up tight the material going betwern my cheeks and exposing my little dick through the cloth leaving nothing to the imagination. Oddly, I felt myself becoming excited and was popping a little boner as she took my hand and led me outback where the other girls were splashing in the pool. They all turned and looked at us and started giggling saying how cute I looked and pulled me 8nto the pool where my hardon became much more obvious through the wet bottom.
    We splashed and played giggling and squealing in delight for awhile then sort of settled down and then the girls all started talking about boys and making out and touching their dicks and how hairy their pubes were and giggling about their hairy vaginas and periods and stuff. Then one snuck up and yanked my bottoms down and laughed at my bare little dick that was now becoming very hard and sticking straight up in the air. Then ine of the girls pulled her bottoms down and showed everyone how much hair she had and wanted me to touch it while she wanted to touch mine. I tried to resist but they overpowered me and before long my hard dick was being played with by all the girls and I was made to lay back and alliw them to rub their pussies on it and then Beverly made me kiss her pussy and lick it too.

  3. stephanie

    I loved both versions. Thinking back, I remember over nights at another boys house. One night before bed time, one of us had an erection. The other one noticed and asked to see. Of course to be fair, the other stripped naked as well. Here we are now both boys naked with erections and neither one of us ever touching another boy before. The next thing I knew , he was me and I was jerking him, then we both shot our loads.

  4. Bjorn

    I would like to try things sissy do but only get fucked by a dick idk i stil have a lot of alpha in me maybe im just bi curious or something

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Forced sissy sleepover