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    “So why exactly did you bring me here?” Alice questioned as Gloria led her through the large mansion where her friend lived.

    Alice had known Gloria for almost twelve years of her life, and they had been best friends from the day they had met. She had given Gloria every bit of emotional support she could after the disappearance of her husband Chris, who was later proclaimed dead after a month. Gloria had taken her husband’s disappearance better than most, but she still had her sadness locked deep away in her heart, living alone in the large mansion her husband used to own. A year ago, just a few weeks after the disappearance, Gloria took control of all of Chris’s businesses, as she decided to continue her husband’s legacy by keeping his companies alive. Alice had been hurt by the disappearance of Chris as much as Gloria had, but she never let her lifelong friend know that.

    “I want you to…” Gloria’s brown hair fell over her face as she opened a broad door into her well-furnished bedroom where she now slept alone. 
    “I want you to meet someone.” Gloria confessed. “Someone very special to me.”

    “I’m not sure I understand, Gloria.” Alice said as she took a seat on the couch in the right wing of the grand master bedroom. Alice looked around the room apprehensively, taking in all the little changes Gloria had made in Chris’s absence. 

    “Let me explain.” Gloria started. “Actually, I think it would just be better if I showed you.” 

    Gloria sat down on the opposite couch and produced a tiny hand bell from the coffee table in front of her. Smirking at Alice, she rang the little bell, raising her head expectantly. Alice shifted uncomfortably. What was Gloria getting at? 

    She heard the faint tapping of high heels from down the long hall beyond the door. The tapping grew louder. Whoever it was, they had been summoned by the bell. When the door finally opened after what felt like an eternity of waiting, Alice was confronted with a strange sight. A beautiful and bizarre woman entered, lifting her skirt in a deep curtsey before she closed the door.

    “I want to introduce you to miss Chloe Sugarplum.” Gloria said as the unfamiliar lady walked over to where the two women sat. “She’s been working as my live-in maid for the past few months, and I thought maybe she would like to meet a few of my closest friends.”

    Alice was taken aback by the exotic woman, dressed from head to toe in full French maid attire. Her face was the definition of feminine beauty. Her long, extravagantly fluttering eyelashes framed piercing blue eyes, whose color contrasted sharply with her pale white skin. Her immaculately done makeup accented her eyes with beautiful eyeshadow and liner, as well as adding a bright red color to her thick, helplessly pouting cupid’s bow lips. Her cheeks were brought out with rosy pink blush, giving her face a youthful shine. A large frilly maid’s cap sat atop her head, perched like a nesting bird. Chloe’s long black hair was pulled back into a thick ponytail that tickled the base of her corseted spine. 

    Chloe’s attire was even more interesting. She wore an over-the-top maid costume, with a large black and white dress straight out of a man’s sexual fantasy. Huge, puffed sleeves encompassed her shoulders, and a pair of dainty white gloves covered the maid’s hands. Her frilly dress was covered in the front by a large white pinafore, which was tied in the back in a huge bow. The bodice of the dress was a tight black corset, and Alice saw that Chloe’s waist had been slimmed considerably in order to fit into the corset’s shape. The frilled black skirt was held out almost horizontally by what must have been at least four or five taffeta petticoats, which created an ever-shifting white froth under her skirts that shifted with every movement of Chloe’s shapely hips. Beneath the massive mountain of petticoats, Alice could see a pair of black panties with white frills that invaded the cleft in Chloe’s large rear as the maid turned to face Gloria. 

    “Comment puis-je vous servir, madame?” Chloe asked, her soft feminine voice reaching Alice’s ears as Gloria’s guest was perplexed by this revelation. A French maid who actually spoke French? Alice was taken aback by this strange woman, and her mind filled with questions about why Gloria kept her company.

    “Yes, Chloe. Why don’t you introduce yourself to Miss Alice over here?” Gloria asked. Alice could see the beginnings of a smug smile forming on Gloria’s face. Chloe bowed her head, pinched the edges of her massive skirt with her fingers, and curtseyed to Gloria.

    “Oui, madame.” The maid said before she minced her way over to a bewildered Alice. Chloe curtseyed again, and then recited what seemed like a line she had repeated over and over again.

    “Bonjour, mademoiselle Alice. Je m’appelle Chloe Sugarplum et je suis là pour te servir.” The frilly maid said. Alice stared at Chloe blankly. Chloe met her eyes, and through all the maid’s makeup and odd mannerisms, Alice could detect a hint of fear in her soft feminine face.

    “Just some tea for us, Chloe.” Gloria commanded. Chloe curtseyed to the two ladies and then proceeded to mince toward the door. Alice noticed a tight wiggle in Chloe’s hips that sent waves of motion through the ocean of fluffy petticoats at her waist, which gave Alice brief flashes of the maid’s shapely hips and black panties.

    When the maid’s gloved fingers left the handle of the door leading to the master bedroom, the two ladies were alone again. The extravagantly dressed French maid may have been out of the room, but she certainly wasn’t out of Alice’s mind. Alice’s lips moved, but nothing came out.

    “What- I just-” Alice stammered. Gloria let out a chuckle.

    “I assume you have a lot of questions?” She asked Alice. The other woman could only nod.

    “Well, let’s start off with a big revelation, shall we?” Gloria began. “Chloe is my husband Chris.”

    Alice’s jaw dropped. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing, but deep down she knew it to be true. There was something familiar in the maid, but she couldn’t place it until now. However, this answer brought thousands of new questions spilling into Alice’s mind.

    “Ho-How did you…”

    “I’ll explain it from the beginning, alright? Just hold your questions until the end.” Gloria said before launching into her story.

    “Chris was never dead, and his disappearance was all my doing. I discovered… Well, I discovered he wasn’t quite as loyal to me as I thought. He cheated, essentially, and not only had he been doing it for months, he constructed a careful web of lies to keep me oblivious.”

    Alice tried to hide her discomfort at this part of the story while still dealing with the shock of Chloe’s identity.

    “When I confronted Chris about this, he apologized, telling me he’d never do anything like it again. However, I later learned he was planning to divorce me later in the year. That’s when I began my preparations for my little plan here. I figured, he was going to ruin my life through what he had done, so I might as well return the favor and ruin his. I began to make plans. Plans involving a clinic that specializes in making men into flawless women, and other facilities that could work on some adjustments to the mind. Of course, when this was all set, all it took was a few sedatives, and he was off to the first of the medical facilities he would be visiting over the course of the next year.”

    Gloria noticed Alice’s growing distress.

    “Is this too much for you? I thought you’d want to know.” Gloria asked. Alice forced a smile.

    “No, it’s fine. He deserved it anyway. Keep going.” Alice insisted hollowly.

    “Alright.” Gloria said. “The first of these procedures was a complete reshaping of the body. The professionals sculpted his body into the feminine figure you see today. I also had a realistic prosthetic of the female anatomy installed between his legs. His boy parts are still there and can perform the necessary functions, but they’re a bit squeezed at all times. Other arrangements removed all traces of masculinity from him. We permanently zapped away the follicles in the skin necessary for growing hair on his body anywhere but his eyebrows, eyelashes, and the top of his head, completely removed his Adam’s Apple to give that nice feminine voice you heard, and sloped his hips to give him a rolling girly walk. Every day after his surgeries, he would be injected with a powerful cocktail of female hormones, in addition to a drug that would completely clear his memory of the past 24 hours. To this day, Chloe still has no recollection of what happened in those clinics, so she can’t claim it ever really happened. You should have seen him on those hormones when he would wake up from his surgery every day- He was an emotional wreck! The combination of all the estrogen in his body, the powerful chemical imbalance from the hormones, and the pain and shock of discovering his new body every single day, it was incredible! My lying, cheating, scumbag of a husband reduced to a blubbering baby when he saw those huge mounds on his chest.”

    Alice’s eyes widened as she listened. This was insane. Almost evil. And it had happened to Chris. Gloria continued her story.

    “We grew out his hair until it was nice and long, and even used some technology from Brighter Days Cosmetics to add more hairs to his head! Then the face, of course. There was a brilliant plastic surgeon who gave me everything I wanted. That cute little effeminate nose, the nice big pouty lips, the plump cheeks to hide his jawline, everything! If this was to work, he couldn’t look like Chris. I’d say it worked. I mean, you didn’t notice, did you?” 

    Alice blankly shook her head, her worry mounting at her friend’s twisted revenge.

    “Right. Then we moved on to the psychological aspects. First, it was smaller things. Waking him up to the ringing of the bell to train his mind to be alert to it. Injecting him with dopamine as skirts were shaken around his ears to give him a boost of energy whenever he hears his petticoats rustle. Just basic training as well. Teaching him how to cook, clean, prepare laundry, all that.”

    Alice’s head was starting to spin.

    “Then came the more unpleasant parts.” Gloria continued. “Chris was taken in all his feminine glory to a room in the clinic, more of a cell really. It had only a chair and a toilet in it, and no light whatsoever. What he couldn’t see was all the cameras and recording devices that were inside. We kept him there for a few days, completely naked. The door would only be opened for food and his daily hormones. Remember I told you how emotionally unstable he was before? We decide to up the dosage of estrogen even further. This was important with our little ‘sessions’. I would pace around him in the dark room and simply ask him some questions. It was an interrogation of who he was, what he wanted, why he was here. I would ask him questions he didn’t know the answer to. I would lay traps for him, make him directly contradict himself. Sometimes I would speak to him in a furious tone, sometimes I would be friendly and kind. The hormones made Chris grow weepy at even the slightest provocation, so he was a sobbing wreck during these sessions. We would also have him do other activities in between questions. He would have to balance on one foot, sing at the top of his lungs in his new high voice, do jumping jacks while his breasts bounced and jiggled, and scream degrading phrases. We did this to humiliate him, and to make him feel like a helpless floundering fish out of water. You can only imagine how hard I laughed when I saw my cheating husband crying his eyes out while he did the chicken dance naked in a dark room. After a few days of these degradations, we had audio of him consenting to literally everything done to him at the clinic. We had him sign contracts allowing everything that had and was going to be done to him to be completely legal, even if the date on the documents was before he had received many of the modifications. Once all this was over, we let him out.”

    Gloria crossed her arms satisfactorily.

    “B-but the French?” Alice asked warily.

    “Oh! The French, of course.” Gloria responded, slapping her knee like she said something silly. “Possibly the best part of my plan. You want to know how they did it, yes? Chloe is literally incapable of speaking English. It was a combination of speech therapists, hypnosis, and powerful drugs. Under the promise that he could leave when he was done, Chris was hypnotized, and injected with an experimental serum that heightens the brain’s associative abilities. Chris was made, in his new high voice, to pronounce every word in the French language. This, along with heavy hypnosis to strengthen the word association, achieves the desired result. Basically, whenever he begins to speak a sentence, or forms it in his head, it comes out in French instead of English. Isn’t it ingenious? I’m still not fully sure of how it works, but I can confirm that it does. Plus, there aren’t too many people in the United States who would be speaking French, so his words won’t be understood by many outsiders. As an additional safety mechanism, the professionals made certain sentences and phrases ‘auto-correct’ to better language. For example, if Chloe were to form a sentence involving phrases such as ‘forced’ or ‘against my will’, the sentence ‘I enjoy being a maid’ would come out in French. That way Chloe can’t just air her grievances to any French-speaker. Chris essentially still had a perfect grasp of the English language, but he can only speak in French! Isn’t that great? I figured, if I’m going to turn him into a French maid, I might as well go all the way. The people at the transformation clinic were happy to oblige my request for some extra money, all of which came out of Chris’ own account.”

    “You ruined him financially too?” Alice asked in surprise, desperately trying to hide her mounting dread.

    “Of course.” Gloria said. “I also spent quite a large sum of his money on ten fine French maid fetish uniforms for my new maid, all fitted to his exact proportions and made from the finest materials. If I was going to do this, you know I wouldn’t skimp out, Alice. After his transformation was complete, which took around nine months, I took an extended vacation in France with my new ‘friend’, the ultra-feminine rebirth of Chris. I decided on France so he could get acclimated to his new language, but also so that when I got back, I could tell everyone that I met this strange woman in France. My vacation was spent on the shores of Honfleur, while Chris spent it carrying out a laundry list of humiliating jobs and outings for me, patiently living through the waiting period to change his name and sex. The American official who saw that through when we returned is the only person in the world who knows Chris Dupont is still alive, and is living under the name of Chloe Sugarplum. I chose the name because Chloe was always a nice, soft feminine name in my eyes, and ‘sugarplum’ reminds him to be sweet and prissy at all times.”

    Almost on cue, Chloe Sugarplum entered through the large door again, this time carrying a tray with a teapot and teacups. Alice watched in horror as the human once known as Chris effeminately minced through the door, her petticoats rustling and fluffing with every movement of her stockinged legs. The maid strutted over to the table, bending low at her waist to place the tray down, exposing her frilly panties to the two ladies. The ruined man gave her behind a little wiggle as she poured the tea, much to Gloria’s amusement. Alice was horrified. All these little feminine movements were forced upon him by Gloria for her sick enjoyment. The frilly maid’s cap was his slave collar. Unless perhaps Chris had grown to enjoy it under his Chloe façade?

    “Does he… Does he like it?” Alice tentatively asked, in fear of what the answer would be. Gloria shot a glance over at Alice. She let out a snort.

    “He absolutely hates it. Isn’t that right, Chloe?” Gloria asked smugly. The maid, now finished pouring the tea, stood up and turned to face Gloria, her hands folded on the hem of her poufy skirt.

    “Oui, madame.” Chloe said before pinching the edges of her skirt and curtseying to Gloria. Alice could see something die in the maid’s eyes.

    “Run along now, Chloe.” Gloria said with a wave of her hand. “I expect to see the carpet downstairs vacuumed when I get down.” Chloe quickly curtseyed again before prancing away, her long ponytail of thick dark hair swinging from side to side as she exited the room. 

    Alice wanted to do something. She had to help Chris, or whatever amount of Chris was still alive. When she left Gloria’s house, she’d get Chris to come into her car and let him stay somewhere. Maybe she could find a way to undo the horrible French curse put on him by Gloria. She would do something to help the former man. Alice’s thoughts were interrupted by Gloria.

    “You like a bit of sugar in your tea, correct?” 

    “Yes, that’s right.” Alice forced a smile as Gloria poured the contents of a small white packet into the tea before handing it to Alice. Gloria was not well in the head. Alice was trying to end this as soon as possible.

    “You know I was always one for collections, right Alice?” Gloria asked with a nostalgic smile.

    “You always did love collecting dolls when you were a kid, you told me. It seemed like you were a fan of collecting ex-boyfriends too.” Alice forced out. Alice sipped her tea as Gloria laughed.

    “Right. But let me ask you something. Wouldn’t you think it would be novel if I had both my cheating husband and the woman he cheated on me with as maids? Wouldn’t that be funny?”

    Alice’s heart sank. There’s no way Gloria could have known. Even with Chris, there would have been no way of tracing it back to her. She took another large sip of tea, her hands shaking as they clutched the cup.

    This can’t be happening
. Alice thought as her heart began to beat in her ears.

    “Unfortunately, that’s just a dream for now. This woman has hid herself incredibly well. Even little Chloe wouldn’t tell me. What a shame.” Gloria continued.

    Alice relaxed. Was she safe? Either way, she needed to leave. Now.

    “Well, Gloria, it’s been nice-“

    “Wait wait wait!” Gloria cut her off. “I want to talk to you, Alice.” Alice struggled to compose herself, her thoughts becoming muddled.

    “Okay. Okay. What is it?” Alice forced out as beads of sweat began to form on her scalp.

    “You’re a smart woman, Alice.” Gloria began. “I know you graduated cum laude from Berkely, I know you had a lucrative job as a business analyst in California. You’re not dumb, Alice.”

    “Th-thank you.” Alice stammered.

    “So what I must wonder is why would such a successful and smart woman sleep with her best friend’s husband?”

    NO. Alice’s world shattered. She remembered it all. Seeing Chris at a restaurant and eating with him. Deciding to go back to his house while Gloria was away on a trip. Feeling Chris’ arms around her. The warm touch of his fingertips as he unbuttoned her shirt. 

    Alice started to say something, anything that could defend her name, but nothing came out. She tried again, mustering her confidence, but she couldn’t move her lips. Then, she realized something. She literally couldn’t move her lips. She tried to lift an arm, but nothing responded.

    “What’s the matter, Alice?” Gloria sipped her tea. “Paralyzed by my beauty? Paralyzed by the truth? Or was it what I slipped into your tea?” 

    Alice tried to yell for help. She tried to flail her arms and kick her legs. Nothing worked. Gloria stood up and began walking toward where Alice sat.

    “You’re smart Alice. But what you did wasn’t just stupid, it was CRAZY.” Gloria said as she ran a finger along Alice’s frozen face. “And what would compel a smart woman to act so foolishly? Lust? Insanity? I guess we’ll never know. You’ll have a lot of time to think about it in the transformation clinic.”

    Alice’s pulse skyrocketed.

    “Oh yes.” Gloria leaned down to meet Alice’s eyes. “The reason I described Chloe’s procedures in so much detail was to give you a little information on what’s going to be done to you.” She ran her hands along Alice’s face, inspecting her features with her fingertips.

    “We’ll have to give you a new face, and probably some colored contacts for your eyes too. We’ll pout those pretty lips a little, maybe raise your cheekbones too.” Gloria’s hands drew closer to Alice’s chest. “And your breasts, of course! You’ll be getting a nice hefty upgrade to your bust! How’s that sound? Oh, and of course you’ll be pumped full of estrogen to make sure you’re the girliest version of yourself you can be. The best part? Those delicious memory-clearing drugs will make sure you get to experience your new body for the first time over and over again until your transformation is complete! You did take French in high school, right? I hope that will help you in learning your new language.”

    Alice tried her best to scream out, to break through the grasp of the chemicals holding her in place, but it was no good. Gloria leaned in, her red lips inches from Alice’s face.

    “I guess I’ll have the full set. The cheating husband, and the lying friend.” 

    Alice’s eyes pleaded with Gloria to stop. Gloria drew a large syringe out from a pocket in her pants.

    “Good night, Alice.” Gloria whispered as the needle pricked Alice’s neck and she pressed down on the plunger. Gloria’s lips contorting themselves into a twisted smile was the last thing Alice saw before her world went dark.


    Adalicia Lementeur stepped daintily on her six-inch high heels over to the kitchen counter. She produced a white rag, which she used to remove a few stains from the granite countertop. As she reached up to check the tight bun her blonde hair was pulled into, Adalicia’s blue eyes made their way over to the large clock. Eleven in the morning. Adalicia and Chloe lived by the clock, doing their duties around the house until the bell beckoned them elsewhere. Moments of respite were rare. They would be spent with the two maids close together, separated only by the multiple feet of taffeta and lace that rested beneath their skirts. Whispered conversations in French, their high voices hushed so as to hide their words from Gloria’s ears, were all that kept the maids sane. There was no exit, no escape from their new degrading lifestyles, all they had was each other. 

    Far away across the large mansion, she heard it. The tinkling of the tiny hand bell. Adalicia minced off toward the sound, her petticoats rustling in time with the movements of her smooth legs. On the third floor, Chloe Sugarplum set down her broom and did the same.

    In the study of the grand mansion, Gloria held the hand bell idly between her two fingers. She smiled. This was a good life to have.

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